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How to Register an IBC in Cyprus

Our firm can provide advice in setting up, registering and administering a Cyprus International Business Company (IBC). The information required is as follows:

1. Main company activities

The main company activities to be carried out by the Company must be notified and registered. Such activities must fall within those that are permitted by law.

2. Company name

The company name must be approved by the Cyprus Registrar of Companies.

3. Share capital

The minimum authorised and issued share capital is €1. There is no maximum.

4. Company shareholders

A company is required to have at least one registered shareholder.

5. Directors

At least one company director must be appointed. Shareholders can also act as directors.

6. Registered office

A Cyprus office address must be used as the official registered address of the company.

7. Company secretary

A company must have at least one company secretary.

8. Time required for the formation process to be completed

Company formation takes between seven and ten working days to be completed.