Morison Patsalides Limited is a leading firm of chartered accountants, which was founded in 1990. The firm is a member of Morison KSi a global association of leading professional firms, established to meet cross border accounting, auditing, tax and business consulting needs of clients. The firm’s partners were trained and qualified in the UK, and have gained wide experience in all aspects of auditing, accountancy, taxation, corporate finance and business consultancy. The firm’s offices are situated in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, from where the whole island is serviced. Our firm’s aim is to maintain close personal relationship with all our clients however small or large they may be in order for them to achieve their goals and ambitions. We achieve this by a close partner and client relationship and looking beyond the numbers and finances of a particular company.

With the emergence of Cyprus as one of the major international business and financial centers in the world, a number of multinational organizations have set up offices on the island. The Cyprus companies are used extensively in tax planning by consultants around the world. Our firm can provide all types of financial and other services to serve these organisations and with the assistance of our international partners this is achieved to the utmost and to our clients’ satisfaction.


We do not only love our job, we always strive to benefit the person who turns to us for help. And no matter who you are-the Director of a large holding company or an aspiring entrepreneur, in any case, here you can find the best solution to all issues that refer to your accounting department.

At Morison Patsalides Limited we see the annual audit as an opportunity to conduct a comprehensive and objective appraisal of the financial aspects of the organisation in which recommendations can be made to help improve efficiency and profitability.

At Morison Patsalides Limited we provide a wide range of services according to the needs of our clients. By using sophisticated accounting software and well trained staff we make sure that our clients get the best service available.

At Morison Patsalides Limited what sets us apart is our uniquely personal approach to meeting our clients' tax needs. That means understanding their needs and what they require from us.



Our clients direct personal communication with the responsible partner or manager in charge, and is guaranteed that we give him the best service available.


For those clients who require advise or consultancy in a country outside Cyprus, this is achieved though our international membership with Morison KSi.


You have a business - we have a team that can help you increase efficiency.


The formation of visions of the company - a key in the development of ideas.


Organize and maintain outsourcing services to meet your company's financial management and consulting needs.



It is crucial that all accounting services are coordinated properly, the bookkeeping is accurate and that all accounting administration activities are done in a transparent manner, eliminating the risk of negative local or international exposure of your company.


The formation of visions of the company - a key in the development of ideas. Statement of corporate objectives. Weighing of the existing potential of the portfolio of business units.


VAT consultants provide various services relating to Value Added Tax like VAT Registration, VAT Filing, VAT Audit and more.


The goals of developing a business plan: Internal use - planning the launch of a new or development of existing business, resource allocation, concentration of efforts of personnel for working on the project.


Whether you are a Cyprus company with operations abroad, or a foreign company doing business in Cyprus, rely on the knowledgeable international tax and accounting professionals at Morison Patsalides Ltd. to help you navigate the complexities and capitalize on opportunities.